Social Enterprise Kickstart Bundle

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6 Modules

Essential Exercise #1 - Uncovering Your North Star Vision for Change

Knowing your “why”, in other words, your North Star Vision for Change, will keep you grounded and determined to continue taking action and making change in your community even when things get tough.

Essential Exercise #2 - Audience Insights

Discover how to deeply get to know your customers, so you can be 100% sure the offer you design will be truly impactful.

Essential Exercise #3 - Synthesis + Integration

Synthesize all you have discovered so far to arrive at ideas that are a perfect fit for you to deliver to your customers.

Essential Exercise #4 - Evaluation Matrix

Systematically rate your top ideas according to specific factors to narrow down the options and pick the one with the most potential.

Essential Exercise #5 - Set Your Targets

Complete your first high level financial and impact projections, and set your initial KPI's so you're 100% ready to start taking action!

Additional Resources

Additional resources to support the development of your new social enterprise idea!

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