Are you ready to create IMPACT BY DESIGN?

I'm Danielle, founder of The Sedge. My mission is to support social innovators to do work they love while creating and leading social enterprises that thrive financially and -- above all -- thrive in creating the impact they want to see in the world.

With the right information, applied at the right time, I believe anyone can accomplish this! I've seen it over and over again with the 100+ social entrepreneurs who I've mentored over the last 7 years.

Inside this HUB, you'll find a few of my most requested tools and resources to help you do the same.

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Welcome to the HUB!

Click to meet me, get oriented to the Hub, and access two of my most popular resources for social entrepreneurs:

1. Top 10 Mistakes in Social Enterprise

2. 7 Social Enterprise Archetypes

Plus a listing of top articles for social entrepreneurs!

Map Your Mission in 5 Days

This free course sets the foundations for any new or aspiring social entrepreneur.

It guides you through the 5 key steps you need to take to go from a million (and one) ideas to charting your unique path for making a difference in the world.

Build Trust & Attract More Customers

Learn from my colleagues, Adam and Amy:

  • How they capture 40%-70% of new leads (anyone can learn it)
  • 3 mistakes impact entrepreneurs make today and how to avoid them
  • How to attract the RIGHT customers to make sales more consistently WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars on tactics that don't work

Discover Your Entrepreneurial Season & GROW

Take this QUIZ to discover:

  • What your main priorities should be based on your stage of growth
  • What you might be tempted to work on right now that could derail your ability to generate impact and revenues
  • What you need to FOCUS on in order to leap forward into the next stage of growth!

Social Enterprise Kickstart Bundle

This hands-on toolkit outlines the 5 exercises that are absolutely essential to launch your world-changing idea and create real IMPACT!

Apply these foundational concepts to your business today with the help of step-by-step worksheets.

Confusion to Confidence Bundle Preview

Preview core trainings to guide the early stages of developing a new social enterprise.

  • Building A Fully Aligned Business
  • Understanding the Root Cause of the Issue You're Tackling
  • Resetting Your Money Mindset
  • BONUS: Planning an Impactful Year
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