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  • 8 Marketing Secrets for Social Impact (PDF)
  • 7 Social Enterprise Archetypes You Need to Know (PDF)
  • Top 10 Mistakes in Social Enterprise, Plus a Remedy for Each (PDF)

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18 Marketing Secrets for Social Impact (PDF)

1 Lessons

I recently teamed up with fellow social enterprise enthusiasts, Adam and Amy from Change Creator Magazine, and long-time collaborator, Solène from Creators for Good, to help pull together this list of top marketing tips from Change Creator's impressive list of expert interviews (over 100!)

We curated the best advice for marketing a purpose-driven business from leaders like Seth Godin and Arianna Huffington.

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7 Social Enterprise Archetypes You Need to Know (PDF)

7 Lessons

Learn about the 7 archetypes, or business model frameworks, that are most commonly seen in successful social enterprises.

Plus, see each of the 7 archetypes in action with real social enterprise examples!

Top 10 Mistakes in Social Enterprise (PDF)

10 Lessons

Are you looking for information on how exactly to best launch and grow a financially sustainable social enterprise — financial sustainability meaning you are equipped with an abundance of the resources you need to truly make lasting, meaningful, and far-reaching impact?

Given the overwhelming need for transformative change in so many areas, combined with the complexity of truly making the most of social enterprise, it’s more important now than ever to take time to learn from the experiences of those who have been in the trenches and come out the other side.

Learn the Top 10 Mistakes that hold smart social entrepreneurs like yourself back from fully maximizing the impact you are driven to create in your community and the world.