Day 1 - Oversight Opportunity

In each module, I’ll share one potential pitfall to watch out for as you Map Your Mission.

I like to call these nuggets ‘Oversight Opportunities’. Because with every oversight = an unintentional failure to notice or do something, there is a gem of a learning opportunity ready and waiting for you to embrace!

Part of my role as a coach is to flag the most common oversights so you can keep your eye out for them!

The best learning still comes from experience, but my hope is that bringing your awareness to these learning opportunities will save you some headaches, time, and resources at some point along the way!

Today's Oversight Opportunity is:

Stay True to Your Vision for Change

Above all else, as you design your new social venture from the ground up, or integrate social enterprise strategies into your existing initiative, you need to stay grounded and centred in your social or environmental mission. In other words, you need keep the initiative's main purpose and reason for being front and centre.

When you are ultra clear on this WHY, you can use this clarity as your compass, guiding decisions and direction at every step of the way. 

The danger in losing sight of your North Star Vision for Change, your end goal, is that as soon as your focus drifts to prioritize other goals (new shiny objects that inevitably show up along the way!) your decisions will change. 

This drift can sometimes be a gradual an unnoticed process. You might not even realize it until push comes to shove and your social or environmental outcomes come into conflict with your economic or financial outcomes, and you've backed yourself in a corner. 

By that point, you could be facing an all or nothing decision that may put everything you have worked for at risk.

Your remedy against mission drift is to remember this:

MYM Day 1 Oversight

There are many paths you can take that all point to creating the impact you set out to achieve. 

Remember to be open to following an unexpected path that will get you to where you need to go!

2 Lessons

Day 1 - Look Inward

Reflect on what motivates you to explore impactful work, including taking inventory of all the experience and skills that got you where you are today, so that you can build your impact path from a strong foundation.

Lessons for this module 2
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