Map Your Mission in 5 Days

Once you have your path forward, it's much easier to get started taking purposeful action!

6 Modules

Day 1 - Look Inward

Reflect on what motivates you to explore impactful work, including taking inventory of all the experience and skills that got you where you are today, so that you can build your impact path from a strong foundation.

Day 2 - Look Outward

Scan your community (however you want to define it) in order to assess and understand the true needs and desires of those you wish to serve.

Day 3 - Find the Overlap

Synthesize your ‘outside world’ with your ‘inside world’ so that you can find the overlap where your passions and skills can be put to the best use fulfilling a need. 

Day 4 - Look Ahead

Narrow down your impactful ideas based on a carefully considered set of criteria.

Day 5 - Take Action

Take everything you’ve learned in days 1 through 4 to outline your path for making change in the world, including a clear set of next steps so you can take purposeful action!

Closing Thoughts

Learn how to move forward from here.

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